Buying timber wholesale from a bulk timber supplier is almost always a better option than buying from a local timber seller for many reasons. It’s affordable, and convenient and you get the assurance of top quality.

Buy timber in wholesale from Cameroon timber exploiters – The No. 1 Bulk Wood Supplier based in Cameroon and delivering timber all over the world.

Why Should You Buy Timber in Bulk?

As a timber merchant or wood worker, you must be buying your wood from a local or bulk supplier. Buying timber in bulk is usually a good idea, for financial and other reasons.

First, you can almost always get quality timber at a cheaper price when you choose to buy from a bulk wood exporter instead of a retail supplier. That’s because the cost of wood (processing, transport, etc.) can get significantly down when purchased in bulk.

Second, you can expect to get better quality timber when buying from a reputable bulk timber exporter. Top timber suppliers like Cameroon Timber Exploiters have a reputation to keep and will always deliver the best quality timber at the lowest possible prices.

Also, we at Cameroon Timber Exploiters have a very strong support system to take care of the after-service needs of our customers. So, if you need support or help after a recent order, we will never leave you hanging. Call us today to know more!

Cameroon Timber Exploiters Supplies – Leading Timber Supplier & Exporter in Africa

 Cameroon Timber Exploiters is a top supplier of African sawn timber hardwoods & softwoods, providing delivery to timber merchants and construction workers all over the world. The company deals in and provides timber in all the leading African wood species, including but not limited to Afromosia sawn timber, Azobe timber, bilinga, bubinga, doussie timber, ebony sawn timber, iroko, and ekop-beli.

#1 Cameroon’s Bulk Wood Supplier

As Cameroon’s #1 bulk wood supplier, we supply both fresh and processed timber profiles, floorboards and decking planks to our customers & distributors throughout the world. It’s always our best effort to continue delivering top-grade timber in a timely fashion to meet our customers’ needs. We have a wide variety of African Timber and machined softwood for you to choose from.

While we mostly supply timber in standard sizes and shape, you can also request custom sizing if you have anything particular in mind. Besides that, we also offer a range of timber-related services such as timber treatment, moulding, tanalising, timber harvesting, processing, drying and timber brokerage services, aimed at delivering the best-value timber at wholesale prices to our clients globally.

All our timber is supplied directly from the company mill/factory located in Cameroon. We have valid licenses from local authorities to extract & process wood in our Cameroon mill and make all the supplies & exports under the law. We also take care of any customs prerequisites & fees when delivering timber to international locations.

Our timbers are processed in the most sophisticated manner and are quite strong and durable, which makes them suitable to be used for a large range of applications including woodworking projects such as construction, boat building, flooring, roofing, windows making, profiles & moulding, decking, and more.

Having extensive experience in the industry and access to some of the world’s best, unexplored timber fields, we are able to constantly deliver the best & freshest timber to our customers.

From timber selection to timber processing, packaging and delivery, we’ll take care of everything so that you get top-grade timber delivered to your address anywhere in the world.

To know more about the timber sizes & quality available with Cameroon Timber Exploiter, contact us or visit our website. We are the top bulk wood exporter in Cameroon and provide a 100{dd58c19a7fa6af65a0ba29ea5a37d109bc6308c199766f2649b9b0c3ef6fb499} satisfaction guarantee for all our supplies.

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