Now get your wood timber and logs delivered worldwide in a faster and easier way!

Join hands with the world’s leading timber export and transportation company to easily transport your timber to your customers across the border in optimal time and cost-effective manner.

We understand the challenges involved with exporting or importing timber/lumber across the border, the changing regulations of different countries, taxation and other complications that might be making life difficult for your timber export business.

Cameroon Timber Exploiters wood logistics services  are designed to meet your business needs and aimed at making the transportation of quality wood timber and logs easier, convenient and affordable for businesses worldwide.

About Cameroon Timber Exploiters 

Cameroon Timber Exploiters  is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industry-grade African timber wood and logs. We provide delivery of top-quality African wood species to our clients in multiple countries, including Canada, Iraq, Vietnam, UAE, and more.

Some of the top wood species that we deal in are: African Teak wood (Afromosia), Azobe, Bubinga, Bilinga, Doussie, Ebony, Ekop, Beli wood, Iroko, Iron wood, Mahogany, Makore, Maobi, Okan, Padauk, Rose wood, etc.

At Cameroon Timber Exploiters, we already have a well-managed, in-house transportation system to ensure timely delivery of our wood logs & timber to our clients worldwide.

Now, you can also lend our wood transportation services to supply/export your timber/lumber to clients across the border.

Our Wood Transportation Services

Cameroon Timber Exploiters has been a prominent name in the African timber industry for over 20 years. We provide quality wood timber and logs along with a range of other services like transportation, wood grading, and more.

Wood Transportation Services

Transportation (Freight)

Fast delivery of your package worldwide via standard freight options, including air, ocean, and road. Freight management, cargo insurance, etc. are also included in the service.

Customs brokerage

While transporting your package, our team will also take care of customs duties, permits and other license & brokerage requirements to ensure fast clearance.


Need help with transportation or other compliance issues? Connect with us for consultation regarding wood valuation, grading, licensing, security, transport, compliance, etc.

Compliance services

This service covers complete compliance during import and export of wood on behalf of the client to ensure seamless operations.


We provide 24*7 technologies and regular support for all our clients. Contact us anytime for your transportation queries and service requirements.

Why Cameroon Timber Exploiters

Our wood transportation experts will make the task of importing/exporting wood a breeze for your business, enabling you to effectively trade with customers/merchants all over the world.

Stay on top with competitive services

Now deliver your top-quality wood to customers and merchants worldwide with our easy and affordable wood transportation services.

Timely & safe crossing across borders

We will take care of changing regulations so that you can provide timely and safe delivery of wood to customers, grabbing every opportunity.

Work in line with regulations

Our expert wood consultants will keep you updated with the latest norms and changing regulations to ensure you work confidently with authorities.

Still, Wondering How We Can Help You?

Get in touch with one of our transportation specialists to discuss your wood transportation requirements, or call us now to avail our wood transportation services.

African Round Log Species

Tali Wood Logs

African Round Log Species

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African Round Log Species

Iroko Wood Logs

African Round Log Species

Padauk Wood Logs

African Round Log Species

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African Round Log Species

Teak Wood Logs

African Round Log Species

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