Wood board is a flat, usually thin, rectangular sheet made of either wood or composite material like MDF. The price of a wood board depends on its type and the material used.
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Types of Wood Boards

It can be of many types, including natural and engineered wood boards. Natural wood boards are made of actual wood timber and are generally of the best quality and the most expensive. Engineered wood boards are made of engineered wood, which is a composite wood made by combining wood particles, fibres, veneers and lumber boards together with adhesives such as glue.

Engineered wood boards can be further categorised into fibreboard, particleboard or chipboard, laminated board, oriented strand board, composite board and others based on the type of materials used in forming them. MDF or medium-density fiberboard is also a type of engineered wood board.

Based on processing, The boards can be categorised as rough, planed and S4S (sanded lumber). Based on species, wood boards are generally of two types – softwood boards and hardwood boards. Softwood boards are made of softwoods such as pine, cedar, redwood and fir, Hardwood boards are made of hardwoods such as teak, white oak, black walnut, etc.

How to Buy The Best Wood Boards Online

We at Cameroon United Forest supply all top varieties of lumber boards in a wide range of species of both softwood and hardwood. Our wood boards are made of premium quality wood and other materials and processed locally in our mill located at Douala, Cameroon. We take full guarantee of the quality and price of our wood board products. Also, we supply to all major locations around the globe and can home deliver wood boards to your doorstep in a large number of countries and major cities.

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